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Helpful tips when trying to save printing costs:

1. Use standard sized pages.
2. Don’t make changes to your document once you’ve supplied it.
3. Don’t be afraid to avoid bleeds.
4. Don’t order better paper than you need.

For more advice, please feel free to call and a member of our team will help you!

Graphic Design in two colours – Minimum budget, Maximum Output!

We’re starting to notice a current trend that’s moving away from overtly colourful communication. It would seem that clients are starting to choose only two tones in their campaign visuals. Upon reflection, not only does this convey a simpler way of communicating, but seems to have a more powerful effect. It’s the whole “less is more” concept. Furthermore, it’s also a lot cheaper to print too!

At London Design Agency, we are happy to help you creating a two-colour design for all your communications.

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